Special Offers

We have devised a discount structure for any organisation or individual wishing to buy multiple copies of the book.  This will enable you to buy the book ‘in bulk’ and give it out, free, to the people who would benefit most from reading it.

1 – 3 copies: £4.95 (each) plus £2.50 p&p

4 – 9 copies: £3.95 (each) plus £4.00 p&p

10+ copies: £3.25 (each) plus £6.00 p&p

To order your copy (1 – 3 copies) of Five Lives through our secure site, please click here.

Please note that if you wish to order 4 or more copies, at discount, please email rj@southgatepublishers.co.uk or call 01363 776888. We are able to send orders with an invoice.

This book would be an invaluable resource for any hostel, charity or service for vulnerable people.

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