Nick Charles MBE

PICS OF NICK 007We are absolutely delighted that Nick Charles MBE has read Five Lives and has sent us his profound reflections on the courage of the authors who are sharing their battles with the world. Nick Charles has been treating alcoholics for thirty-seven years – through day centres, residential clinics and latterly at general practice level. In 1996, he was awarded the MBE for ‘services to people with alcohol problems’. Nick’s own story is one of courage and endurance and has given him extraordinary insight into the world of alcoholism and drug addiction. You can find out more about Nick Charles and his amazing work by visiting

“Five Lives are remarkable chronicles of courage; they have no end because the courage required has no end. These are stories of women involved in a battle, fought by millions yet won by few in silence and in pain. The victory of their individual spirit creates strength and hope that is rarely recognised yet provides aspiration and inspiration for a nameless, faceless multitude.

Those who succeed and live a life addiction free will receive the gift of inner peace and only they, and others like them, will ever be able to describe the terrors of the journey and battles with the lure of what once was. For them, the pain and suffering will recede to be replaced by bewilderment and finally realisation that the evil has dissipated; though it will lurk forever deep within their souls.

In these stories written by the five heroines, it is clear that courage and a hidden strength will prevail and with an ever increasing zeal, their darkness will give way to pale.

The battle has ended.

The fighting done.

The result is this profoundly significant and deeply moving book, Five Lives.

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