About the Publishers

Southgate Banner imageSouthgate Publishers is a small, independent publishing company, established in 1991. It is run by father and daughter team, Drummond and Rachel.

Our mission is to produce books that go beyond words and make a difference to people’s lives.  (You can see why we were so keen to publish Five Lives!

We specialise in affordable books – which focus on solutions not problems, practicalities as opposed to theories and reality rather than rhetoric.

We believe in working very closely with our authors to ensure that their words, wisdom, ideas and experience are given the greatest possible exposure and have the greatest impact. Our approach to everything we do is positive and personable.

As well as Five Lives, we produce books on bereavement, challenging behaviour, financial literacy, healthy living and family learning. Take a look at our other websites www.southgatepublishers.co.uk and www.parentsandfamilies.com

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