About the designer

Here are the author pages, designed by Daniel Loveday with creative input from the five authors.

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I’m from Watford / Dunstable and came to Devon to study Fine Art. Devon is a beautiful place, with lovely people, so I stayed.

Many of the graphic designs I do involve learning something new. For instance, I do a lot of walks and interpretation panels for natural sites that involve learning about the widlife. I find the learning aspect an exciting part of my job so imagine how I felt when asked to do  something so completely different as Five Lives?!

I’ve been incredibly moved by the powerful stories of the five women. I’ve been able to understand a lot more about how a person can fall into the dark cracks of homelessness and addiction, amongst other things. Also the nature of the job allowed me to experiment with creative ideas that were driven by the five authors themselves. We liased so that I could understand their creative ideas and this inspired me to develop the ideas further and give each authors section a distinctiveness. It was definitely important that the design of the book looked modern and edgy – yet allowed the important part, the stories of each person, to shine through.

I think of myself as not so much a graphic designer but a professional creative person. I also paint and write musicals. I recently staged my musical ‘Patterns’ in an East Devon tour in June 2013. It’s the story of the pursuit, by two detectives, of a serial killer who finds lonely middle aged women and gives them a wonderful six months before despatching them. So my interest in the darker side of society extends to my own creativity!

I think it also stems from my own understanding of the events that can happen in life. When I was eighteen, I was just about to start my Fine Art degree course when my mum died in a car crash. For me it led to depression, I dropped out of college and never got the degree. For some years I remained in a hole with no job and no direction but was lucky to have the means to gradually emerge from that.


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