This poem by Anna is about the judgements we make without realising. 

You walk on by and do not see
Yet  I’ve  been  here  for  years.

The  ones  that  look  don’t  really  see.
They walk on by ignoring me.

I have a story, a reason why this has happened to me.
But you walk on by not wanting to see.

I shrink and try to go unnoticed.
I know your eyes are judging me.

You sometimes throw me money.
Yet  won’t  sit,  take  time  to  get  to  know  me.

Then a crowd walks by.
Shouting, abusing, trying to intimidate me.

But I stand up strong.
You  won’t  trivialise  me.

The streets are my home.
I belong here like you.

Yet you walk on by and do not see.

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