When I picked ‘Five Lives’ up to read, I didn’t put it down until I had read to the last page! I found it compelling in its honesty and in how it conveyed reality in a simple and clear sighted way. It has been skillfully crafted into a highly readable book – in a way which balances readability with hard-hitting rawness of five difficult and troubled lives. It is the story of five women’s experiences in their own words, with nothing held back and no attempt to gloss over the trauma, hardship and major battles they have experienced and are trying to gradually overcome. The stories have enormous value because they are real, and provide a unique insight to worlds that many people never see, or if they do, would rather ignore.

What impressed me most was the dawning realisation that writing and telling of the stories for this book was also a vital part of the journey for the five women concerned. Their process of discovery is truly exciting as we witness the emerging revelations that they each have worth and value. The release of this book is testament to their courage and the support they received along the way. It serves as an inspiration to anyone who is vulnerable and striving to make something of themselves and their lives.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone involved in any capacity working or caring about vulnerable people, to draw inspiration from their efforts to show that all things are possible, even if it is one small step at a time.

Graham Waters, Chief Executive, Keychange Charity

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